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Is your communications setup giving your business the image it deserves? Take this 30 second quiz to find out. The results might surprise you...

Do a quick audit of your customer contact with this short checklist:

Do you have a business number separate from your home number?

Do you have an easy to remember toll-free number?

Can your customers reach you by phone, text or fax, on the same number?

Can you text message hundreds or thousands of prospects at once?

Can your customers text your business number, even if it's a toll-free number?

Do your customers hear a professional receptionist when they call, with a choice of extensions to choose from?

Do you have local numbers in all the area codes you do business in?

Do you have a professional studio-recorded greeting?

Do calls and texts from customers get routed to any phone you choose, so you’re always in reach?

Do you have a system that automatically texts new customers and prospects?

Do you get an instant written transcript of every voicemail?

Can you do all this (& more) on your mobile phone, anywhere in the world?

If you answered "NO" to more than two of these, it's time to take a close look at Vox Direct.


Your Own Business Phone Number

Toll Free or Local

Vanity Number Option

Texts: Send & Receive

Add Multiple Numbers


Professional Voice

Extensions Menu

Multiple Receptionists

Call Screening

Business Hours

Easy Call Management

Easy Re-Route Calls

Employee Extensions

Control by Mobile App

Desktop Dashboard

Use 2 Numbers on 1 Phone

Advanced Business Features

Voicemail Transcripts

Call Recording

Conference Calling

International Call Forwarding

Text Messaging Marketing

Blast Messages

Unlimited Subscriber Lists

Drip Campaigns

Contact Collection


Vox Direct gives you multiple powerful text marketing tools and a full business phone system to connect with customers and prospects. And everything works in the cloud - so there’s never hardware to buy or maintain.

You can run your entire customer communications from your Vox Direct mobile app, or on a desktop dashboard. See who’s calling... Reply to texts… Read voicemail transcriptions… Hear call recordings… Get faxes... Send blast texts...You can even make outbound calls from your Vox Direct command center to anywhere in the world.

Vox Direct saves you time and money. It puts your phone system to work for you so you can focus on your business. Plus it helps you look more established and credible, so you can win more customers and enter new markets.

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Let's take a quick look at what's included in your Vox Direct system:


If you’re still giving out your personal number to run your business, it’s time for a change! Look professional, and keep your private and working lives separate. Plus: you never want a personal number on a public website.

Use your same business number for voice and text blasts, prospects will never wonder “who sent this message?”

Vox Direct gives you the choice:of local numbers in any area codes, toll free number or vanity number (like “1-844-JOEYS”).

Want to add more business numbers, or a dedicated fax line later? No problem! You can add as many as you like as you need them.

And if you already have a business number you like and use you can add Vox Direct to it no problem.


How do you want your calls handled? With Vox Direct, you have a choice. Calls can go straight through to your mobile—or any other phone you choose, or callers will hear a professional “virtual receptionist” and menu system. Think “press one for sales…”

How you organize the menu is entirely up to you, including recorded messages you want people to hear or phones you want the caller routed to.

As for the script, you can use Vox Direct’s default scripts, write your own for the Virtual Receptionist, use Vox Direct’s studio recorded greeting service or upload your own recording for your outgoing message.


Call from your business number using your mobile phone—so wherever you are, you’re always giving that professional image.


Why waste time listening to a bunch of voicemails? Vox Direct delivers a transcript of every voicemail, so you get the message by email. Now you can quickly scan through the transcripts, pick out the important details, and call or text your reply.


Sometimes you get an important call that needs to be recorded to capture information,train staff, or for legal protection. You can do that with Vox Direct and the audio comes to you via email, so you can forward easily.


These days, many consumers prefer texting to calling. With Vox Direct, they can send texts to your business number—that’s right, including a toll-free number. And when you text back it comes from your business number..

And of course, there will always be those that like to fax. Your Vox Direct number accepts incoming faxes, or you can add a dedicated line… and they’re instantly sent to you by email.


Easily send marketing messages to hundreds or thousands of prospects at once. Send sale notices, or tell them about events. Send links to your website or even ask questions (with Vox Direct you’ll get the replies sent straight to your phone!)

Create “set-and-forget” drip campaigns that do all the work for you. Once a prospect joins your list it will automatically send whatever messages you choose at the times you choose - you don’t have to do a thing.


Extensions you create can be routed to any numbers you like. For example, designated employees can have their own extension number, with their own restricted access to the Vox Direct dashboard. Each extension can be individually customized.

You can have any extension ring on any phone you choose. More than that, you can set a series of phones, to make sure there’s always someone available to take the call. Or you can have multiple phones ring at the same time. This is the “big business” power of Vox Direct’s small business solution.


Spam calls waste precious time, especially robot calls. You can require the caller to speak their name so you can reject unwanted callers. Alternatively, you can have calls placed directly through. You can also “eavesdrop” on voicemails as they are recorded, so you can decide if you wish to connect.


Need to hold a quick phone meeting? Vox Direct can connect up to five different numbers on the same call, at no extra charge!


With Vox Direct, you can stay in business while you’re out of the country. International call forwarding directs your calls seamlessly to any foreign number you designate. Work from anywhere in the world and have a US business number.


When running your own business every dollar counts. Vox Direct is priced with the small business owner on a tight budget in mind. You get huge value added to your customer relationships, at a very low monthly cost. There are NO hidden fees. NO contracts, and you can cancel your subscription any time. We even offer a no questions asked 7-day 100% money-back guarantee—so enrolling as Vox Direct Member is completely risk free.

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